We are eager to announce the 2018.1.0 ILLUMASS release coming soon! This will be a major release with several new features and updates, enhancing your day-to-day interactions within ILLUMASS.

Key features

This release will include the following features. In the coming weeks we will be posting more in-depth descriptions for each feature.

1. New Launch Page with Updated Apps

We've upgraded the launch page to provide a more efficient experience within ILLUMASS. Previously, our launch page apps consisted of Devices, Pipelines, Hierarchies and People. These now have been updated to Map, Locations, People and Reports.


2. New Map App

The Device and Pipeline apps have been combined into a single Map app. Feedback provided by users helped us to understand it would be more useful to see pressure and ancillary data in the same place (rather than switching between Devices and Pipelines). Additionally, we've added new viewing features to the map which include satellite and topographical view.

3. New Locations App

We've made updates to provide a cleaner user interface to hierarchies. We now have a new Locations app (previously Hierarchies) with an updated layout and interactions. The new Locations app also includes dragging and dropping devices between locations to install/uninstall, options to add location wizards, and much more!

4. Updated People App

The updated people app now includes two account types: Administrator and Member. Administrators will add members to the appropriate level in the hierarchy. Once assigned, members will only see and have access to their field areas. There will be various permission levels for members, as part of this enhancement.

5. New Reports App

You will now be able to view and download all device reports in the new Reports App.

6. Enhanced Performance

We’ve improved the responsiveness of the interface to provide a faster and more efficient web experience.

Under the hood

Additionally, there are several technical changes that are being made that you won't see in the user interface. Two of these major changes will be:

1. Auditing of all user changes

Every change that a user makes will now be logged and audited. Although there won't be any reporting tools yet, collecting this information will be a good start.

2. Preparing for the smartphone app

We have received a lot of requests for a smartphone app. In preparation for this, we will be implementing some of the components needed.

Stay tuned for more to come!