TOKU Talk, ILLUMASS's new app is available on iTunes and Google Play. We’ve made it one step easier and faster for our devices to be installed, calibrated and diagnosed if needed. Now when users are on location they have the ability to direct-connect to their devices via Bluetooth to get immediate feedback on device status, health and connection.



This feature allows users to see latest pressure readings on their devices and be notified of existing alarm conditions.


Users can instantly find out if their devices are charging properly by viewing the battery and solar voltage readings. Additionally, users can access device temperatures.


Users can view the signal strength of their devices and use the app’s antenna aiming tool to help secure a successful connection. From here, devices can also be directed to call in to the TOKU System or be completely shut off.

New App Coming

TOKU Talk is just the beginning! Our team is developing a future app that will:

  • Clear device alarms
  • Show device data on graphs
  • Display maps with device locations
  • And much more!

Stay tuned for the release date.

As always, we value our user's feedback and suggestions. If there’s something you would like to see on a TOKU app, please connect with our team at

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