There never seems to be enough hours in a day. Here at TOKU, we are trying to give you some of that time back. By implementing our ILLUMASS system for tank level monitoring, users are not only regaining valuable time but also increasing efficiency, cutting down on operating costs and increasing safety.


Installations for tank level monitoring can take several hours to an entire day - often requiring substantial amounts of expensive equipment. TOKU standalone devices can easily be installed within minutes and are simple to set up due to their compact nature.


Travel Time

Tank level data can be accessed on your smart phone or computer anywhere, anytime. Due to this remote access and portability, operators are making fewer trips to physically check tank levels, significantly lowering their time on the road.


We all know that one of the most dangerous aspects of field operations is the amount of time spent driving between sites. Being able to view and alarm your tank levels on ILLUMASS lowers windshield time dramatically.


By knowing exactly when tank levels are full via text or email, users can increase trucking efficiency. Rather than waiting till you arrive on site to check tank levels and then dispatching trucks, users can immediately dispatch trucks when they are notified of a full tank. Zero wait time. Do you have trucks haul on a schedule only to haul light loads when production changes? With ILLUMASS you can optimize your trucking schedule to match your actual production volumes. 100% efficient.


At TOKU we have been intentional to keep our solution truly cost effective at a fraction of the price of current monitoring and SCADA systems.

Simple. Accurate. Affordable.