Recently, our company marked a significant success with the ILLUMASS monitoring system. As part of our vision to provide solutions to current oil & gas technology challenges, we share this story to show how our low-cost monitoring system is having crucial impacts in this area of the industry and on the environment.

On December 11, 2017, one of our devices tracked an overpressure on a pumpjack that our system was monitoring.


Our device sent out an alarm which was flagged to Operations. When the operator checked the site, he discovered that the pressure switch had failed. Due to this failure, the pressure was able to exceed 8000 kPa(1200 psi) which is well above a typical high-shutdown level. By using our pumpjack pressure monitoring system, the user was able to address the situation and take necessary action before additional equipment failure occurred or a significant spill.


Given that this well is located in a remote and low-lying area, the possible impacts of a spill would have been detrimental to the environment and would have required an expensive clean up. If the overpressure had continued causing additional equipment failure, the costs and downtime would have been increased for the producer. Our customer was extremely relieved to have avoided this potentially damaging and costly situation. The team at TOKU Industry is proud that our pressure monitoring services performed when needed.