We would like to highlight a recent story which showcases the ILLUMASS system’s monitoring capabilities and our team’s proactive customer support which prevented loss of monitoring on a well site.

The T1000 devices on the ILLUMASS network are charged by an internal solar panel and need direct sunlight to remain at optimal power levels. The ILLUMASS system actively monitors the health of each device on the network and sends out notifications to our support team when something isn't working.


Recently, our support staff checked-in on a device that had been flagged by our automated monitoring system. As you can see, the power was at a steady decline. If the device did not begin charging it would have automatically entered sleep mode and stopped collecting and transmitting data until recharged.


The team contacted the user and provided necessary direction to get the device charged before losing any data. After the user took corrective action, the power dramatically increased and the device returned to optimal running power within a few days.

This story not only highlights our system's self-monitoring capabilities but also our team’s ability to provide proactive customer support. Our priority is to ensure our system is running efficiently and delivers effective monitoring to our users.