This week we are highlighting key features of the updated People app and the new Reports app from the ILLUMASS 2018.1.0. release.



This app is for viewing, adding, and editing people within an organization. We've given it a fresh look and simplified the layout to provide a more effective space.


Searching for People

In keeping consistent with Locations and Maps, we've also added the search bar to People. Begin typing a person's name, number or email to filter through users. This is especially useful for larger organizations that have several people monitoring different sites.

Text and Email Alerts

We've created both a text and email option for receiving alarms. Our automated system immediately sends out emails and texts when a device alarms so you are instantly in the know and can respond as quickly as possible to ensure your operating site is running properly. When adding a new person to the ILLUMASS system, you can select either text, email or both options for receiving alarms.



We've created this new app for viewing and downloading device reports. The Device report's page lists all devices with their latest readings, dates, and timestamps.



You can now download device reports into CSV files by clicking the icon in the top right corner. This is a great tool for getting a quick listing of all your devices and their locations which can be shared with others.