ILLUMASS 2018.1.0 has officially been released for two weeks and we hope the new features and enhancements have improved our user's ILLUMASS experience. To continue in our three-part series about the 2018.1.0 highlights, this post will touch on key features of the new Locations app.


The purpose of this app is to view, create and organize your monitoring locations, devices and measuring points.

Simplified Layout

In keeping with our goal to provide software that is simple to use, we've made it easier for locations to be set up and organized. Our team has designed a much cleaner interface and enhanced the over all look and feel of Locations. The layout of the home screen includes a search bar, the hierarchy on the left-hand side containing locations, and measurement and location details to the right.


Search Added

The new search bar allows a user to search by an asset's name or the device serial number. This is especially useful for larger companies that have several locations and devices. Now, it's much quicker to find specific locations rather than sorting through an entire organization's hierarchy.

Relevant data views

Users can now be assigned to specific locations. This improves monitoring efficiency and is highly beneficial for users within large companies. These users can be assigned to specific locations and will only see the data they need too, rather than data for their whole organization.


Feedback from our users helped contribute to the new features in ILLUMASS 2018.1.0. We greatly value comments, thoughts and ideas on how we can continue to improve our monitoring system. To connect with our team, email us at