We are excited to announce that ILLUMASS 2018.1.0 has officially been released! As you’ve read in our previous blog posts and emails, this is a major release with several new features that will enhance your day-to-day interactions with ILLUMASS.

The first change you will have noticed is the new launch page with updated apps.

Key features of the 2018.1.0 release include:

  1. New Map App
  2. New Locations App
  3. Updated People App
  4. New Reports App

Over the next weeks we will be doing a three-part series to give a more in-depth description of these features and how to best use them. This week we are talking about the new Map app.

The Map App

The Pipelines and Devices apps from the previous ILLUMASS version have been combined into one app. Now, all the pipeline and device data is available through a single interface.

There are two main ways to navigate the map and search for your devices and locations. Either through the hierarchy on the left-hand panel or through the actual map. You can now search for your locations using the new search bar. By clicking on a location in the hierarchy you will highlight it on the map. To view a graph, click on the graph icon in the hierarchy or on the pop up window in the map.


Additional navigation features include a filter function and the ability to expand and collapse the hierarchy.

Additional Maps

In addition to the Road map, we've added Satellite and Topographical maps. These can be accessed by clicking the icons at the bottom left corner of the map.


Quick Tip

We've added a new feature which allows you to tilt the map. Click the 'ctrl' key and drag your mouse anywhere on the map to begin tilting. This is especially useful when using the topographical view as this allows you a 3D flythrough-view of the terrain.


We hope that in developing these new features your experience with ILLUMASS will be more efficient and effective. Our support team is standing by if you need any direction or help with these new updates. You can contact our support team at support@tokuindustry.com. As always, we value your feedback and invite you to share your thoughts and ideas on how we can keep improving ILLUMASS.