We are excited to announce the latest ILLUMASS update! As part of our commitment to improving the efficiency of our device monitoring, we have released new processes for both gap checking and device call-ins. As of January 16, 2018, the new updates are:

Update 1: We are automatically checking for gaps in data when a device calls in.


To further explain, a gap is a period of time where data isn’t appearing on the graph. Before the update, we were only made aware of these gaps once the user notified our support staff. Now, we should manually find gaps less frequently by relying on our system to automatically check for gaps and send alarms to our support team.

Update 2: We are now actively inspecting when a device has not called in for 10 hours.


When a device has stopped calling in for ten hours, our team of support staff will be notified by an alarm. Support staff will work to get the device up and operating as soon as possible to minimize data loss. Once the device is calling in properly, support staff will then contact the user for a follow up.

These updates will not affect the user's day to day interactions with the app. However, in making these improvements we hope to earn the user’s confidence and prove the reliability of our services.